Printable Materials

Warm congratulations on your new baby!  Life with a newborn is a special and unique time. 

On this page you can read and print information on breastfeeding, a baby’s usual daily rhythm, starting solid foods and bottle feeding in a baby friendly way.  

All information given is based on national Finnish recommendations and guidelines and is approved and verified by healthcare professionals.

If you struggle with breastfeeding or breastfeeding is painful, please contact your post-natal health clinic. You can also go to the app store and download our free breastfeeding support App – Rinnalla – where our trained peer supporters give support on breastfeeding and parenting in different languages. If the peer supporter feels comfortable giving support in English, it is stated in her profile. Our peer supporters are volunteers who have themselves breastfed and have received appropriate training.


Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk? (pdf)
(Saako vauva tarpeeksi maitoa?)

First Moments of Breastfeeding (pdf)
(Imetyksen ensihetket)

Weaning from a Nipple Shield (pdf)
(Rintakumista vieroittaminen)

Fussing at the Breast (pdf)

Family and friends (pdf)
(Äidin lähipiiri)

Infant and Baby Nutrition (pdf)
(Vauvaikäisen ravitsemus)

The Baby’s Clock (pdf)
(Vauvan kello)

Signs of successful breastfeeding (pdf)
(Imetyksen turvamerkit)

Baby-led Bottle Feeding (pdf)
(Vauvantahtinen pulloruokinta)

Journal for weaning from formula supplements (pdf)(Lisämaitojen vähennyspäiväkirja)

A guide for healthcare professionals: Safely weaning from supplements and transitioning to exclusive breastfeeding (Lisämaidon turvallinen purkaminen ja täysimetykselle siirtyminen – ohje ammattilaisille)

Tips for successful breastfeeding (pdf)
(Sujuvan imetyksen merkkejä)
In cooperation with Johanna Koivisto, HUS; Riikka Ikonen, THL; , Niina Kivilaakso, Helsingin neuvola- ja perhetyö; Elina Rinne, PSHP